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Our business doubled in less than 2 months of using their marketing services."

Kim Daffener, Select Trash Can Cleaning

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As a professional Consultant , I am ready to guide you every step of the way. My clients see the benefits of working with me, and love to share their experiences. Check out my previous clients and contact me today.

Our Valued Clients

Select Trash Can Cleaners (USA)

The Bin Experts

My name is Kim Dafferner and I'm the owner of Select Trashcan Cleaning. I stumbled upon Bradley Robinson, owner of BR Digital Marketing Services in a Facebook Group. He came highly recommended by a company owner in another state so I looked into him. While his references were stellar I reasoned that I could do the same work myself. I tried this for a year and saw slow business growth. A year later, I contacted Bradley again. He patiently gave me his business plan for lead generating yet again. While I was a little skeptical, I figured I could try it once. It was the the best business decision I could have made. BR Digital Marketing Services has exceeded my expectations. Our business doubled in less than 2 months of using their marketing services. For the first month, Select Trashcan Cleaning received about 182 leads, not including any direct calls or messages, for a total of 450 ad spend. Over half of these leads turned into regular occurring customers. This in turn gave us more exposure, increasing our volume 100 percent. Bradley lives in a different time zone yet he is still very quick to respond to me. There has never been a delay in his answering questions. He listens to my input and does what he does best. He basically does all the hustle and leaves the direct contact to me, which has been a beautiful formula for success. I could not recommend BR Digital Marketing Services anymore. Their services have literally taken so much pressure of me, freeing up my time for sales and operations. To be honest, I would not be buying a second truck in a year and a half of starting this business had I not stumbled on Bradley. He's kind. He's professional. And most of all, his company will literally send people knocking on your door.

The Bin Experts is a Bin Cleaning company based in Perth, Western Australia. After watching a short video by BR Digital Marketing about Facebook ads for our bin cleaning industry, we decided to give it a go. We were not too sure how this would really work, but Bradley took the time to go through every single step and answered all of our questions. In two weeks, with a budget of $250, we got more than 30 leads and

converted at least 15 of them and still have to followup the rest. It's a very promising way for us to acquire more business through these

campaigns and can't wait to see what BR Digital has in store for us. Bradley is very good at communicating and never fails to answer any of our questions professionally. Bradley seems to know very well what he is talking about and make all the facebook/marketing jargons sound so easy to understand. I can't recommend highly enough his services to anyone looking at getting more leads through facebook. Really worth a try. Thank you BR Digital Marketing

Dear Brad

Thank you very much for affording us the opportunity to trial the Facebook campaign with your company,

Digital Marketing.

I want to take this opportunity to commend you on your professionalism and transparency at all times. It

was a pleasure to know that you were always available to assist and explain any questions that I had - your

knowledge of Facebook marketing and marketing in general was extensive. I am also impressed on your

vast knowledge gained of my business in such a short period of time. I guess your hunger to learn about my

business drove you to visit our website and learn as quick as possible - this hunger driven by the passion of

what you specialize in - Digital Marketing!

I have to add that I have tried Facebook ads/marketing myself with very little, if any, success. My franchisor

does Facebook marketing - they provided me with 3 leads in the space of 10 months. Your marketing

efforts, in just 4 days, exceeded any of my expectations - a total of 65 leads. Of the free cleans that were

done, only 6 clients declined to convert. A tremendous success!!

I have the pleasure to advise you that I have approved for you to take over my Digital Marketing on a

permanent basis as I have complete trust that you will take my business to the next level. I have also shared

your information with the other franchisees and gave them my full confidence on your abilities to transform

and grow their businesses. I can recommend anyone looking for growth, via the digital marketing platform,

to use you.

Kind Regards


Managng Director

Kleen Bin: Multiple Franchises
(South Africa

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